18% of Russians think that children should buy their own housing

18% of Russians think that children should buy their own housing

Analysts of the Internet service conducted a survey, within the framework of which they found out: do Russian parents consider themselves obligated to purchase their children's housing.


As the results of the survey showed, 67% of respondents believe that housing for the younger generation should be acquired depending on family income.


Only 13% of parents believe that they are obliged to buy their children a separate apartment. The respondents explained their answer by the fact that it is extremely difficult to independently make such a purchase.


Another 18% of the survey participants advocate for independence: children must earn money to buy residential property on their own.


Difficulties in drawing up an opinion on this issue 2% of respondents.

Recall that earlier in one of the German media published an article in which the author argued that the "credit euphoria" of Russians at risk to harm the economy of the country as seriously as in the crisis of 2014. The journalist recalled that in December last year the Russian mortgage market set a record for the last 8 years, which testifies to the inflation of the "credit bubble", which, the author says, may burst.


The "mortgage bubble" was previously discussed by Russian economists, but the authorities of the country assure that this will not happen.

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