"Catastrophically there is no Parking": in Kirov check yards for repair"

"Catastrophically there is no Parking": in Kirov check yards for repair"

April 16, 2018. In Kirov started work on the preparation of the city for landscaping. This includes not only the repair of roads in the Central streets, but also the repair of yards. This week, the authorities should finish the detour of the houses that won this year in the framework of the program for the formation of a comfortable urban environment. One of the inspections was carried out at the house number 10 on the street Production.

More specifically, in the yard of the house on the Production, 10 are going to asphalt intra-passage, sidewalks, which were equipped here in Soviet times, to make drainpipes and most importantly — to equip the Parking lot. Since the neighboring house "seized" a plot in the middle of the yard and surrounded it with a grid — for its own Parking, cars sorely lacking space, and people are forced to Park on the roadside or even on the lawn, explain the residents themselves. So the question is, what needs to be done in the yard, disputes not caused. The differences were only on the cover, but in the end the bulk of the inhabitants of asphalt and paving stones chose the asphalt.

In total this year in Kirov it is planned to repair 46 domestic territories. 79 million roubles have been allocated for this purpose.

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